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JSI Tip 0735. PDC performance problems, lock ups, crashes, and freezes

If you occasionally experience the subject problems or your clients receive any of the following error messages:

- Semaphore timeout period has expired
- Network path cannot be found.
- Insufficient system resources.

you should consider occasionally scheduling the following batch on your PDC:

@echo off
cd %SystemRoot%\System32
net sess /delete /y
net sess /delete /y
net stop Server /y
net stop Server /y
net start Server
net start netlogon
net start Browser
net start Schedule
net start Spooler
net start RemoteCMD

Note: Stopping the Server Service stops dependency services which is why I had to start the Scheduler, Spooler, and RemoteCMD services. Yours will be different.

You may also run the batch manually, as an alternative to rebooting, if you experience problems.

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