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IT Can Turn to the Cloud to Make Companies Greener

IT is undergoing a revolution right now, and cloud computing is helping to lead it. An increasing number of companies are not only looking to the cloud for services but also offering them via the cloud. New Boundary Technologies is a company that falls into the latter category. It recently announced its PwrSmart Service, a centralized PC power management solution that's designed specifically as a web-based service.

"PwrSmart Service is one of the few products, IT or otherwise, that reduces hard costs immediately without requiring any up-front investment or long-term contract," said Tom Diamond, president of New Boundary Technologies. "Organizations can pay-as-they-go with PwrSmart Service and start centrally controlling hundreds to thousands of PCs from a simple browser-based application that generates energy savings from day one."

PwrSmart Service automatically applies power management settings without manual intervention, then enforces those settings if users try to change or disable them. You can see the energy savings in real-time using an interactive dashboard that's accessible from any web browser with a Silverlight plug-in. Its analysis engine presents data in graphs and charts, which you can drill-down for additional energy/cost savings details. Its energy auditing capability can help you optimize power management settings and obtain reports for energy rebate and sustainability programs. (PwrSmart Service is compliant with the U.S. EPA’s ENERGY STAR requirements for PC power management solutions.) Because it's a web-based service, updates and enhancements are delivered in real-time, without the need for traditional software upgrades.

For companies that are interested in power management solutions but don't want to venture into the cloud, New Boundary Technologies offers PwrSmart as stand-alone software. For more information about PwrSmart (both the service and the software), check out the buyer's guide table in "Power Management Software for Windows Workstations" or the New Boundary Technologies website.

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