Instant CloudMove Now Available in Windows Azure Marketplace

How to effectively move in-house client-server applications to the cloud is something that has perplexed system administrators for years. There are a host of development, legal, compliance, and security issues that need to be addressed to make that move, but Gizmox has announced a solution that should help on the development front: Instant CloudMove.

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According to Gizmox, Instant CloudMove -- which is now available in the Windows Azure Marketplace -- is specifically designed to move application code developed to run in a local client-server environment into an application that runs in the cloud on Windows Azure and can then be accessed by using a standard web browser. Client-server apps developed in Oracle Forms, Power Builder, Visual Basic 6, COBOL, Magic, and .NET (Visual Basic.NET and C#) -- along with a few other development environments -- are supported. Key to this process is a virtualization layer that sits on top of an ASP.NET-based web server in the cloud.

"Instant CloudMove is the native .NET to Web/cloud application move solution that addresses the tens of billions of client/server lines of enterprises, particularly Visual Basic 6 and .NET, and offers the shortest path to Windows Azure," Navot Peled, President of Gizmox, said in a statement announcing the availability of Instant CloudMove on Windows Azure. "It also offers the shortest path from legacy systems such as COBOL, Oracle Forms, Power Builder and others to Windows Azure."

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