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IIS Upgrade FAQ

Are you ready to migrate to Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 5.0? Consider these frequently asked questions and answers about the process.

Can I install IIS 5.0 on Windows NT 4.0?

No, and no patch, registry tweak, metabase edit, hack, crack, or incantation makes such an installation possible. Microsoft considers IIS 5.0 to be part of Windows 2000 Server's core services. Therefore, IIS 5.0 depends on COM+, which NT 4.0 doesn't support.

Can I install IIS 5.0 on Win2K Professional?

Yes, but this installation has limitations. For example, an IIS 5.0 installation on Win2K Pro has a built-in limit of 10 connections and runs only one Web site.

How do I get IIS 5.0?

IIS 5.0 installs by default on Win2K Server systems. The Control Panel Add/Remove Software applet's Add/Remove Windows Components option lets you install and uninstall IIS 5.0.

Where is the Microsoft Windows Internet Information Services 5.0 Resource Kit?

Instead of a resource kit, Microsoft offers an Internet Information Server Resource Guide. You can access the guide online at

Do I need to apply the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 4.0 Security Checklist recommendations to IIS 5.0?

No; IIS 5.0 has its own checklist. You can find Microsoft's "Secure Internet Information Services 5 Checklist" at /prodtechnol/iis/tips/iis5chk.asp. This checklist is shorter than the IIS 4.0 checklist, mostly because Win2K improvements make many of the IIS 4.0 security recommendations obsolete.

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