HP aims for the enterprise cloud

HP aims for the enterprise cloud

HP has unveiled a new platform of products and services aimed at brining higher levels of security and performance to IT environments shifting to the cloud.

The enterprise software online community InfoQ.com has this to say about HP’s late entry into the cloud game:

“While HP may be a bit late in delivering their cloud offering compared to competitors, through the EDS acquisition they have been in the hosting business for many years and in combination with their proven enterprise data center experience will bring leadership to the managed private cloud space.”

HP’s Enterprise Cloud Services-Compute is designed to help enterprises with shrinking IT staffs and tighter cost constraints move functions to the private cloud-as-a-service model without sacrificing security and availability. Features include network and storage management, incident and change management, and physical facility management tools.

HP CloudSystem platform, meanwhile, is an aggregation of enterprise services HP offers across private clouds, public and hybrid cloud environments. Companies use HP’s Cloud Service Automation tools to manage the infrastructure, both on-premises and in the cloud.

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