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How does Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) OS Deployment Feature Pack handle an unpartitioned disk?

A. By default the SMS OS Deployment Feature Pack will create a single partition and perform a full NTFS format on a blank disk. If you want to control this behavior and perhaps perform a quick format instead of full format, you can use a script to run in the SMS OS Deployment Feature Pack's preinstallation stage to partition and format the disk. To do so, use the following code, which you can download at . The code runs the DiskPart utility and calls the ZTIDiskPart.txt file to create the partitions. (Some lines wrap because of space constraints.)

' Run DiskPart.
   iRetVal = wshShell.Run("DISKPART.EXE /s 
& <folder> &_ "\ZTIDiskPart.txt
, 0, true) If iRetVal <> Success then EXIT FUNCTION End if ' Now format. iRetVal = wshShell.Run("FORMAT C: /FS:NTFS /Q /V: /Y", 0, true) If iRetVal <> Success then EXIT FUNCTION End if ZSTIDiskPart.txt: select disk 0 clean create partition primary assign letter=c: active exit
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