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How do I decrease the boot delay?

A. There are two ways of performing this change, the first method just automates the second method.

Method 1

  1. Logon as Administrator
  2. Start the System Control Panel applet (start - Settings - Control Panel - System)
  3. Select the Start-up/Shutdown tab
  4. In the "Show list for" box set the number of seconds to the delay required

Method 2

Method 1 just updates the timeout value in the \[boot loader\] section of boot.ini so we can do this manually:

  1. Set the file to non-system and non-read-only
    attrib c:\boot.ini -r -s
  2. Edit the file and change the timeout value to whatever you want, e.g. to make it wait for 5 seconds change to
    timeout= 5
    Save your changes
  3. Set the file back to system and read-only
    attrib c:\boot.ini +r +s

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