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How do I configure a Print Separator Page?

A. A printer separator page is configured by creating a text file using a number of special control codes. The basic format of the separator page is as follows

$ ---- this can be any character, and must be the first character on the first line. Choose a character not normally used to be the control character, in this case $
$LUser Name $N ---- $L is used to display normal test until another code is found, $N displayed the username
$L, Job Number $I ---- $I displays the job number
$E ---- $E means end of page

Other characters you can use are

$B$S ---- Turn on block character printing
$D ---- Data job printer
$F<filename> ---- A file to print
$H ---- Printer specific control code
$x ---- Where x is a number of blank lines to print
$T ---- Time job was printed
$U ---- Turns off block character printing
$Wxx ---- Width of the separator page

To configure the printer to use the separator file:

  1. Start the Printer Control Panel Applet (Start - Settings - Printers)
  2. Right Click on a printer and select Properties
  3. Click the "Separator Page" button
  4. Enter the path and file name of the separator page file and click OK
  5. Click OK again to exit the Printer Setup

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