How can I install the Network Monitor client under Windows XP?

A. Windows 2000 includes a Network Monitor agent for use with Network Monitor, but XP doesn't include such an agent. However, Microsoft included the netcap.exe utility as part of the Support Tools on the XP CD-ROM. Netcap is a command-line tool that provides capabilities similar to Network Monitor. On the first execution, Netcap installs the Network Monitor driver and binds it to all network adapters, which lets the full Network Monitor product operate against the machine.

For full Help, type

netcap /?

If you want to remove the Network Monitor driver, simply type

c:\> netcap /remove

The tool is also useful for checking the index numbers of adapters. For example, you would use the following values to check the index numbers for the following adapters:

(default)   0 = ETHERNET (000625089EF6) Wireless Network Connection
            1 = ETHERNET (000102220C06) Local Area Connection
            2 = ETHERNET (1C1220524153) WAN (PPP/SLIP) Interface
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