How can I force a check of protected system files in Windows 2000?

A. Windows 2000 includes a new component which protects critical system files and if they are replaced by an application the correct original file will be replaced by the process. This should fix the common "DLL Hell" scenario.

A utility is supplied called SFC.EXE (System File Checker) which can be used to perform various checks and configuration for this service.

To force a check of files at any time just type:

C:\&gt; <b>sfc /scannow</b>

A check of your system files will then be carried out. You may need to insert your Windows 2000 CD-ROM.

You can also use switches:

  • /SCANONCE Scans all protected system files once at the next boot.
  • /SCANBOOT Scans all protected system files at every boot

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