How can I easily configure my Windows 2000 notebook for different networks?

A. If you use your Win2K notebook in a variety of networks (e.g., at different customer sites), you probably always have to change the network settings. The Netsh utility lets you save your settings in a file that you can later use to restore your complete network settings.

To Save the current Settings, type the following command:

netsh -c interface dump >networksetting.txt
You can then create a dump file for every network that you use.

To load a set of settings again, type the following command:

netsh -f networksetting.txt

Using the Netsh utility, you can also easily switch between different configuration settings.

Other options are MultiNetwork Manager from GlobeSoft , without needing the user to have Administrator privileges. Also you can use Net Switcher from

Thanks to Rainer Schlosshan for some of this information

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