How can I disable the Show Files dialog box for system folders?

P>A. In How do I customize the appearance of a folder? I describe how to modify the appearance of certain folders. You can use the same approach to remove the dialog box that warns you every time you try to view the contents of a folder that contains system files (e.g., winnt, system32). Perform the following steps:

  1. Start Windows Explorer.
  2. Go to the folder in question (e.g., c:\winnt).
  3. Open folder.htt (this is a hidden file, so you might need to modify your options to see hidden files--Tools, Folder Options, View, Show hidden files and folders). (Ensure that you have a backup copy of folder.htt in case you modify something incorrectly.)
  4. Locate the occurrences of

    if (gShowFiles)<br><br>
    and replace them with

  5. Save the updated folder.htt.
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