How can I disable the modem speaker when dialing?

A. Its possible to disable the modem speaker in a number of ways. The easiest method is to use the RAS properties:

  1. Double click 'My Computer'
  2. Double click "Dial-Up Networking'
  3. Select the Dial-up connection, click More and select 'Edit entry and modem properties'
  4. Select the Basic tab and at the bottom next to 'Dial using:' click Configure
  5. At the bottom of the Modem Configuration dialog is a 'Disable modem speaker' check box, check it and click OK
  6. Click OK to the main dialog and close all other dialogs

Click here to view image

An alternative (and you may try this if the above fails to work) is to edit the dial string and add the control sequence for your modem to disable the speaker, its normally M0 however this can vary.

  1. Start the Modem control panel applet (Start - Settings - Modems)
  2. Select the modem and click Properties
  3. Select the Connection tab
  4. Click the Advanced button and the bottom of the dialog
  5. In the 'Extra settings' box enter the command string to disable the speaker, e.g.
  6. Click OK to the dialogs

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