How can I customize folders with web view enabled?

A. If you have installed the Windows Desktop Update and have the view as web page enabled ( view - as web page) you can customize the folder (view - customize this folder) and then select the type (background picture or a whole HTML file) or you can change the default which is stored in a hidden HTML file (%systemroot%\web\folder.htt). You can then edit this file and change accordingly.

There is a line in folder.htt "HERE'S A GOOD PLACE TO ADD A FEW LINES OF YOUR OWN" which you can add your own links which will then appear on all folders.

There are 4 other templates you can edit:

  • controlp.htt - Control Panel
  • printers.htt - Printers
  • mycomp.htt - My Computer
  • safemode.htt - Safe Mode

As I said these are hidden so you will either need to remove the hidden attribute (attrib <file> -h) or just enter the name specifically in the edit utility you use to change these files. A word of warning, make a backup of these files before you break them :-).

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