How can I change the account used for the QOS service?

A. By default the QoS service will run under the System account however you may prefer to create a special account for it and modify the service to use it:

  1. Create a new account called “ACSService” (ACS for Access Control Service) and add it to the local Administrators group. When adding ensure you set the option “password never expires” and unselect the option “user much change password at next logon”
  2. Start the Computer Management MMC snap-in (Start – Programs – Administrative Tools – Computer Management)
  3. Select the ‘Services and Applications’ branch
  4. Select Services
  5. Right click on ‘QoS Admission Control’ and select Properties
  6. Select the ‘Log On’ tab
  7. Select the ‘This account’ option and select the ACSService account, enter its password
  8. Click Apply then OK (when clicking Apply the account will be granted the ‘Log On As A Service’ right)

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