Hover Returns .... to the Web!

Hover Returns .... to the Web!

A new version of a Windows 95 game classic

I wanted to write about this earlier, but I've been traveling this week with sporadic online access. But Microsoft has released a new, web-based version of the classic Windows game Hover. And it's pretty darned impressive.

Hover originally shipped on the Windows 95 CD-ROM as an optional install. It's sort of a bumper car, sci-fi, capture the flag kind of thing. And I recall it being quite fun.

Here's what it originally looked like.

Hover for the web, as the new release is called, utilizes the multi-touch capabilities of Internet Explorer 11 to great effect, though it will work with just a keyboard too, like the original. It's been "reimagined" (along with everything else at Microsoft these days) to support modern web standards, including WebGL, and stands alongside other recent IE 11-optimized web experiences as Contre Jour and Everest: Rivers of Ice as proof that the web has come a long way, baby.

Check out this fun video for more information. Or head over to hover.ie in any modern web browser and have fun!

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