Hottest Technologies of 2015? You Decide

Hottest Technologies of 2015? You Decide

2014 is coming to a close, and there are many in IT that are welcoming it with open arms. It's been a crazy year, particularly for those whose job it is to deal with Microsoft's monthly patches.

Earlier, I posed some of my not-so-daring predictions for Microsoft in 2015, ensuring that every one of my predicted outcomes will come true. I'm a winner. I like to win. But, yeah, I cheated. Check that out at the following link to see what I mean: Microsoft Tech Predictions of the Blindingly Obvious for 2015.

I also noted in my prognostication that we'll be rolling out some less safe predictions here at WindowsITPro in a short while. But, in this instance, we want your help – actually, we need your help.

We've posted a new poll with some current industry trends that we'd like your feedback on. The poll is a short one, providing nine of the hottest topics right now. And, because we never assume we know everything (because you know what happens to those that assume), we've also supplied a special "write-in" section that you can use to tell us what we might have missed that's important to your specific situation and environment.

So, when you get a chance and have less than a minute to spare, drop out to the following link and give us your feedback:

What Will Be the Hottest Technologies of 2015?

Before the end of the year, we'll report back and let you know the results.


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