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Hitachi Unveils New Cloud Offerings

Hitachi Data Systems has unveiled a three-tiered strategy of infrastructure cloud, content cloud and information cloud that the company says builds on existing IT investments to provide a single virtualization platform for all data. Citing statistics by 2020 there will be 42x growth in data from 2009 and more than 1 billion applications in existence within the next three years, the company introduced new  methods for storing, governing and managing that data.

On, Jack Domme, CEO of Hitachi Data Systems offers his views on the explosive growth in data and the need to monitor and manage it:

We see that the amount of data that’s out there being produced, shared, and consumed is growing at rates that we would never have imagined just a few years ago. A lot of the data that is being created is of a different type—unstructured data. That is not your typical structured data that sits in an Oracle database or a spreadsheet. We decided many years ago that IT groups were not really ready for this onslaught of data, which is being created by all kinds of applications. Shared data. Unstructured data in the health and life sciences industry around imagery, lab tests and CT scans. Unstructured data around electronic discovery documents. This kind of data is growing at ten times the rate of structured data. HDS believes that this amount of data is going to need a lot of scale to handle very large growth. And that growth has a cumulative effect … HDS has the solutions to analyze this data independent of native applications—a massive data warehouse in the cloud where our customers can search all of that data and bring it together in what we call a virtual container. A virtual portal of your information at a scale beyond what has been architected in the past. Previous architectures could not even dream about handling data of this scale.

The company’s Infrastructure Cloud strategy is to unify server, storage and networking silos using virtualized and converged resources that are able to scale on-demand and form the foundation for various cloud services such as storage, infrastructure, platform and even software-as-a-service. In addition, the company is introducing new Hitachi Cloud Services, Hitachi Cloud Solution Packages and a cloud management portal designed to help customers manage and control their unstructured data environments and to more efficiently and cost effectively deliver file and SharePoint services to their users.

The company’s Content Cloud strategy comprises tools for data indexing, search and discovery across data types. Included in that strategy is The recent acquisition of BlueArc is included in that portion of the strategy, adding file-based virtualization, built-in intelligent tiering and automated data movement capabilities for unstructured data.

Hitachi’s Information Cloud, meanwhile, comprises the company’s acquisition of ParaScale in 2010 for replicating and recombining previously siloed structured and unstructured data, then applying analytics to allow extraction of information ParaScale’s technology offers a scale-out file system that can store and process both structured and unstructured data in parallel and at scale, according to Hitachi.

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