Hands On - Recent Cortana UI Changes


Yesterday, after the release of Windows 10 Build 14361 to Fast Ring Windows Insiders on PCs and Mobile devices, I noticed some interface changes to Cortana on both platforms.

It appears the intent of these changes is to surface more of Cortana's capabilities to users.

If you are unfamiliar with Cortana she is Microsoft's digital assistant implementation and her assistance is available across all Windows 10 devices including the Xbox One which recently started a new Preview Program.

All of the information you give Cortana access to is synched between your devices via the cloud so that the data which is provided on one device is populated across your other Cortana enabled devices.

This gallery will walk you through the new interface changes you will find, at least for now, just on Windows 10 Build 14361.

The new visuals appear when you open Cortana and she no longer opens your news items by default.


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