Fixing a Logitech Keyboard Error

I use Logitech's Cordless iTouch Keyboard with my Windows 2000 system. Generally, I like the keyboard, but I have one nagging problem.

Every time I shut down my system, I receive a kbdtray.dll initialization error. (A coworker who has the same keyboard also has this problem.) Is this a known bug, or do you think the problem is particular to something in our desktop environment?

The symptom you describe is the result of a known bug for which Logitech provides a fix. Download and install Logitech's iTouch software (version 1.6 build 97 or later) from the vendor's Keyboard Support Web site ( Upgrading the software resolves the kbdtray.dll shutdown error and several other errors. Another problem that this upgrade corrects (but which Logitech doesn't mention in the release notes) is an annoying problem whereby common key sequences launch the system's configured multimedia audio player application.

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