Extreme Networks boosts cloud monitoring

Extreme Networks boosts cloud monitoring

Network solutions provider Extreme Networks has formed a partnership with Nimsoft, developer of an architecture for network and service monitoring, designed to give cloud service providers better visibility into their network environments and customers’ service experiences.

The partnership pairs Extreme Networks’ ExtremeXOS operating system with the Nimsoft Monitoring Solution, adding dashboards and reporting capabilities to the operating system. Cloud service providers implement ExtremeXOS to deliver cloud-based offerings to enterprise IT environments—so the upshot of the partnership is that those providers should be better equipped to monitor how their services are working (and not working) and better able to meet IT professionals’ cloud-based needs.

According to the companies, the Nimsoft Monitoring Solution already is in use by more than 1000 enterprise customers; the addition of the platform onto the ExtremeXOS makes the monitoring system applicable to cloud environments. The system is designed to help providers of cloud services optimize the performance of those applications in a cloud environment, and also monitor adherence to service-level agreements.

Nimsoft’s public portal shows the monitoring platform in action, with a demo of what cloud service providers can see—and the types of reports and dashboards they can make available to their enterprise IT customers as well. For IT professionals buying cloud-based services from those providers, knowing that kind of platform is in place offers one more guarantee that service providers not only are watching how the applications they’re selling are performing—and that they’ll be immediately aware if they’re not.  



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