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Eww, You Got Your SkyDrive on My iCloud

Cloud services: It seems like everyone’s doing them these days. But the question is, which cloud service should you pick? But Microsoft is offering up a unique idea: Why pick just one?

“One of the most popular uses of the personal cloud is storing, editing and collaborating on Office documents,” a Microsoft representative told me. “With 7GB of free storage and integration with Office and Office Web Apps, SkyDrive offers customers the best solution for this. Mac customers who use iCloud for streaming, but also work with Office documents, can seamlessly store, share and collaborate with SkyDrive as well.”

Microsoft is also providing a video and web page that explains its stance on using iCloud for media but using SkyDrive instead for productivity, but the highlights include:

Access Files and Office Docs Anywhere – Access any file from anywhere (not just certain photos and iWork files).

Share and Work Together with Anyone – Collaborate on Microsoft Word and Excel documents anywhere with anyone using Office Web Apps, not sub-par iWork applications no one else uses.

Access your Notes Anywhere – Use OneNote and SkyDrive to share and access notes from any device.

Move your iDisk files to SkyDrive – Microsoft shows you how to move your iDisk files to SkyDrive and access them from any device.

Though Microsoft’s information is aimed at Mac users, it mirrors the way I use both services: I use iCloud (iTunes Match) for my media collection but SkyDrive for anything productivity related.

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