EMC and Dell Launch New Product

On the 1-year anniversary of the alliance between EMC and Dell, the two companies announced a new storage system, called the CLARiiON CX200. EMC designed and branded the CLARiiON CX200, and Dell will manufacture the unit. EMC, Dell, and other EMC partners will sell the CLARiiON CX200, targeting the product as an entry-level Storage Area Network (SAN) system. Pricing for the unit, which will support more than 2TB of storage, will start at $30,000--about half the price of the CLARiiON CX400, the next model up in EMC's CLARiiON line. The new storage system is modular, and users can swap storage processors to upgrade to the CLARiiON CX400 or CLARiiON CX600 networked storage systems. CLARiiON CX200 will be available in December.




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