Converting an ADM File into an ADMX File

Q: How can I convert an ADM file into an ADMX file?

A: Prior to Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista, Group Policy templates were created in Microsoft’s proprietary ADM format. With Windows 2008 and Vista, Microsoft has switched to a new XML-based format, ADMX. You can use Microsoft’s ADMX Migrator tool to convert custom ADM files to ADMX. You can download the tool at 4B5F-9625-97C2F731090C&displaylang=en. The tool also includes an ADMX editor that makes creating customized ADMX files much easier.

To convert an ADM file, open the ADMX Migrator Command Window and run the faAdmcConv command. For example, to convert blocksharecreate.adm, I would use this command:

C:\Program Files (x86)\FullArmor\ADMX Migrator> faadmxconv d:\temp\blocksharecreate.adm d:\temp /x

where d:\temp is the location to save the generated ADMX file and /x says to also save an ADML file. An ADML file contains the language-specific information used by an ADMX file to allow policy settings to display in the specified language.

—John Savill

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