Check out Microsoft's Document Sharing Website

Check out Microsoft's Document Sharing Website

Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage has built in capabilities for sharing content with others but it is not really made to highlight that content or to give you any kind of stats about how often a document is viewed when you share it.

An alternative to using OneDrive for sharing these documents with the public or a limited group of readers is to use Microsoft's website which is part of their free Office Online suite of products and services.

To clarify the difference between OneDrive and - OneDrive is for collaboration and working with others while is all about sharing the work you have done. can use a Microsoft, Facebook, Office 365 (Home, Education, Work), Wunderslist accounts or any email address you might have.

To get started with once you are signed in you should review this list of basic tasks to learn how to use

Some of the things you will be able to do once you are up and running with include publishing Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Office Mix, OneNote Notebooks, and Sway presentations. There is no limit on bandwidth, storage or the number of documents you can publish on your account but OneNote Notebooks must be less than 100MB in size.

Your portal can be fully customized and has several options for how to arrange your documents into collections so that you can pull together different items that pertain to a single project

Anything you share with the public on will get indexed by search engines so if you prefer to not have that happen you should pick a limited group to share your documents with. That will keep the search engines from indexing your information on and only those with a link to the document will have access to it. even has a journaling feature where you can share your thoughts on anything you want or about the documents you are sharing.

There is a lot of flexibility in how you can put to use and we would like to hear how you use it or might put it to use in the future.

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