Can't Wait for the $50 Surface Pro Car Power Adapter? Here's One for $30

Can't Wait for the $50 Surface Pro Car Power Adapter? Here's One for $30

Back in June 2013, I talked about the sad case of Microsoft not offering a car power adapter for the Surface RT and Surface Pro. After a bit of research, I happened upon MCT, Inc.'s web site. You can still read about that HERE.

At the time, MCT, Inc. offered a power adapter for the Surface Pro, but the price was steep at $59.95. During Microsoft's Surface v2 press announcement today, it was unveiled that an official car power adapter will release sometime in early 2014. The Surface v2 pre-order web site is now live and you can get a sneak peek at what the car adapter will look like.

Pricing for the official car charger is rumored to be around $50 when available, which is pretty much in line with what MCT, Inc. offers (or, at least, what they offered in June). So, I thought there must be a better alternative by now. After the Microsoft announcement I jumped back out to the MCT, Inc. web site to find that they have, indeed, released a more compact, better priced solution.

MCT, Inc.'s Compact Microsoft Surface Pro Car adapter is expected to ship on October 1st, 2013, priced at $29.95, and they are currently taking pre-orders from the web site. I'm going to go ahead and place my order and will offer a review once it arrives and I've used it for a week or so, but just wanted to let you know that there is something now available. And, $30 beats $50 every time – unless of course it doesn't work.

Check out MCT, Inc.'s solution here: Compact Microsoft Surface Pro Car adapter

My biggest regret in purchasing this may be the actual spelling of the word "tablet" on the power adapter plug. If you look at the article's promo image, you'll notice it spelled like this: t-b-a-l-e-t


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