CA unleashes flurry of cloud activity

CA Technologies has release a broad range of cloud computing platforms and products designed to give enterprise IT pros more options and more agility in what the company describes as “cloud choice.”

In a blog post, Jay Fry, vice president of marketing for cloud computing at CA, explained that covering as many bases as possible with its cloud approach—providing options for public, private and hybrid cloud for all levels of enterprise, regardless of where they are in the migration process—is part of the company’s strategy to help give enterprises as many options as possible, while also obviously trying to make its own solutions appealing regardless of a potential customer’s specific cloud strategy:

There is no “one size fits all” for cloud. Instead, you have to make your own, very specific choices. And you want to have a portfolio of options that can help you regardless of which choices you need to make for your business … Enterprises are trying to evolve what they have invested in already, while maintaining the control they require and processes they’ve built up. That lets them continue with the heterogeneous components they have. That doesn’t lock them into a proprietary (and probably quite costly) “cloud stack.”  

CA views management and security of cloud assets and infrastructure as paramount for enterprise decision-makers, Fry wrote. To that end, the company has covered the gamut of product development:

  • CA Automation Suite for Data Centers 12.5 provides enterprises with more on-demand capabilities for cloud-bursting, for example, and lets them move workloads between private and public clouds as SLA requirements dictate.
  • Other new releases address application performance, access control and security, data center efficiency and service delivery.

The new product introductions and the timing of their release, Fry wrote in CA’s blog, is the result of a number of strategic acquisitions of technology and people the company has made in the cloud sector over the past 18 months:

CA Technologies kicked off 2010 with an aggressive cloud acquisition spree that surprised more than a few folks. We brought aboard a series of key technologies, some very smart folks, and a lot of on-the-ground services experience. Several of today’s announcements show the combined effort of the vision of entrepreneurs that joined CA Technologies through the cloud acquisitions and the organic development efforts since then. A lot of these folks have been working on cloud since long before the term “cloud” existed

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