Best Buy Selling Surface RT at TechEd 2013 Prices for Black Friday

Best Buy Selling Surface RT at TechEd 2013 Prices for Black Friday

Between November 28, 2013 and December 2, 2013 you can get your mitts on a Surface RT 32GB tablet for just $199.99. Best Buy is offering this deal as part of their Black Friday sellout.

Normally $349.99 at Best Buy, this deal offers quite a significant savings, but not unlike the deals already offered at various Microsoft conferences during the past few months. It started at TechEd 2013 North America and carried across many different Microsoft events, as the company tried depleting stock of the poorly performing first-generation device. In some cases, Microsoft event handed the devices out for free. In Surprise! Free Surface RT's Showing Up in the Darndest, Most Unexpected Places, you can take a look back at Microsoft's unrelenting push to dump them. Granted, the Surface RT was just $99 and the Pro version was $399 at the Microsoft shows, but the price drop for Best Buy's Black Friday is equally amazing.

Take a look through Best Buy's Black Friday ad for proof: Amazing Deals on Great Tablets

Of course, the keyboard cover is sold separately.

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