Best Buy Offering In-Store Cash for Your Old Microsoft Surface

Best Buy Offering In-Store Cash for Your Old Microsoft Surface

Microsoft recently announced a trade-in program where you can bring your old iPad into a Microsoft Store and swap for a $200 store coupon. Read about it here: Get $200 for Your Old iPad at a Microsoft Store. This deal expires on October 27, 2013.

Ever since the public announcement of the Surface series 2, I've been wondering how I might get my hands on the latest Surface release and even if I should. I'm pretty happy with my first rev Surface Pro, but the better speed and improved battery life of the newest model is tempting. But, once again, Microsoft is pricing the devices in a way they'll never reach full success. The price tag on the Surface Pro 2 is simply too high. So, I decided that I'll just wait for the Surface 2 accessories to release (sometime in early 2014) and beef up my original Surface Pro with the Power Cover and maybe the tablet dock.

But, then I caught a new trade-in deal that Best Buy is hosting. Valid until October 21, 2013, Best Buy is offering owners of the original Surface devices a chance to knock off a good chunk of the Surface 2 prices. The payout is a Best Buy gift card for which you can use in the store for anything, but for me, I'm already planning to take advantage of the deal to make purchasing a Surface Pro 2 less painful.

The deal is in-store only and the trade-in price varies per model and condition. You'll also want to check to make sure a store in your area is offering the deal. I checked my area using the Best Buy Trade-in Store Locator and I have no less than 10 participating locations in my area.

You can review the deal here:  Best Buy Surface Trade-In Offer

Here's the trade-in pricing list…

Surface RT 32GB

  • Good = $150.00
  • Fair = $105.00
  • Poor = $67.50

Surface RT 64GB

  • Good = $175.00
  • Fair = $122.50
  • Poor = $78.75

Microsoft Surface Pro 64GB

  • Good = $315.00
  • Fair = $220.50
  • Poor = $141.75

Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB

  • Good = $350.00
  • Fair = $245.00
  • Poor = $157.50


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