August 2014 Surface Driver Packs for Deployment Now Available

August 2014 Surface Driver Packs for Deployment Now Available

Not long after the regular monthly release of updates, Microsoft will also make available the Surface and Surface Pro driver packs and firmware for those responsible for deploying Microsoft Surface devices in the company.

The August releases are now available for download: Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 2, and Surface Pro firmware and driver packs

This month, Microsoft released firmware updates for each Surface model, except for the Surface 2 series, which is strange, considering the original Surface RT also received an update. However, the Surface 2 series did receive an update in July, so when you visit the Microsoft Download Center to obtain the updates, you'll find the Surface 2 series July update included in the stack of August downloads. Remember that firmware and driver packs are cumulative, so if you already snagged the July releases for the Surface 2 series, you won't need to download them again.

To get a clear view of the features and improvements that was included in the August releases, read: Surface 2 Series Left Out of August Firmware Updates, All Others Get Updated

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