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Apple’s Quarterly Sales: Yep, This is a Mobile Devices Company

Over a year ago, Apple CEO Steve Jobs asserted that his company was “a mobile devices company.” In the time since then, this assertion has been proven again and again, not just by the launch of various innovative new mobile devices (the iPad and iPad 2, the MacBook Air, and so on), but by the mix of actual hardware products it sells.

With that in mind, I looked at the unit sales numbers Apple provided this past quarter. And if you break out desktop Mac sales from mobile Mac sales, and put those next to the other mobile hardware devices Apple sells, it looks like this:


More interesting, perhaps, is when you compare desktop Mac sales to all of Apple’s mobile devices (mobile Macs + the iOS devices and iPods). And when you do that, it looks like so (the green sliver is desktop Macs):


So, yeah. Obviously, Apple is very much a mobile devices company, one that sells over 30 million mobile devices in a quarter. Astonishing.

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