2014 IT Skills and Salary Report

2014 IT Skills and Salary Report

For the second year in a row, Windows IT Pro has partnered with Global Knowledge to produce a report for IT and business professionals regarding compensation, job satisfaction, and training on based on survey information.

The survey was conducted online in the fall of 2013 with more than 16,300 respondents worldwide. 74 percent of those that participated reside in Canada and the United States. This report focuses on North America, where 10,299 IT professionals and 1,798 business professionals responded. Professionals from staff to C-level appear interested in sharing their opinions and learning from others.

Some interesting facts and figures:

  • IT professionals averaged $87,873
  • Business professionals averaged $95,137
  • Overall average of $88,952 is 13 percent higher than last year.
  • 52 percent reported receiving a bonus
  • 68 percent of those who were eligible received a bonus, which averaged more than $6,500.

Download the report: 2014 IT SKILLS & SALARY REPORT

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