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Year in Review
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Cloud Computing in 2021: ITPro Today’s Top 10 Stories

Our most-read articles about cloud computing in 2021 explore how cloud providers are meeting the needs of enterprises migrating to the cloud.

Like many industries, cloud computing in 2021 was not immune to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. Between the work-from-home movement caused by COVID and an acceleration of digital transformation efforts, enterprises have been migrating to the cloud in droves, providing opportunities for not only the "Big 3" public cloud providers, but tier 2 providers as well.  

Read ITPro Today’s 10 most-read stories about cloud computing in 2021 below to see how cloud providers are differentiating themselves, and what the cloud of the future will look like.

1. Microsoft Ignite 2021 Keynote: Nadella Expounds Cloud of the Future

In March, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella took the stage at Microsoft Ignite 2021 to discuss the traits of the cloud that he believes will foster future innovation. Now is the time to focus on a cloud that is built for the innovations that will be coming in the next decade, he said. Find out what Nadella thinks the cloud of the future will look like.

2. Survey: Open Source Cloud Technologies Fit Devs Like a Glove

When choosing cloud providers, 70% of IT pros prefer those based on open source cloud technologies. That’s according to The Value of Open Source in the Cloud Era survey conducted by IBM and O’Reilly. This article discusses the most significant takeaways from the survey, including what kind of skills can boost a developer’s career.

3. Looking Back: Cloud Computing in 2020 Experienced Massive Growth

2020 turned out to be a breakout year for cloud computing, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic forcing the masses to work from home and enterprises accelerating their digital transformation efforts. The result was massive growth in the public cloud, adoption of hybrid cloud approaches and more open source options. Take a look back at cloud computing in 2020 and then compare it to how cloud computing has fared in 2021.

4. Not Optimizing Cloud Computing Spend Costs Enterprises $24B

New research reveals that organizations are not choosing the best options for cloud cost optimization – resulting in $24 billion in missed savings. Read on to learn about some of the myths and misconceptions about cloud cost optimization and how taking a multicloud approach can help.

5. 'Big 3' Public Cloud Providers Continue Their Explosive Growth

AWS, Google and Microsoft all started 2021 with a bang – continuing the strong growth they experienced in 2020. The beginning of the year also brought a change in leadership at AWS, with CEO Andy Jassy becoming the CEO for all of Amazon and former Tableau CEO Adam Selipsky taking over as AWS’ CEO. Read more about AWS’ leadership change and how the Big 3 public cloud providers were able to keep their momentum going.

6. Need to Automate a Process? Start Offline Before Moving to the Cloud

The cloud should be a key component of organizations’ digital transformation efforts, but the journey to the public cloud is a complicated one. This report looks at the right and wrong things to do when using the cloud to enable digital transformation.

7. Public Cloud Provider DigitalOcean Looks to Expand with IPO

On the heels of expanding its "droplets" – virtual units of compute and memory – DigitalOcean went public in March, becoming "the only pure-play publicly traded cloud company," according to CEO Yancey Spruill. ITPro Today contributor Sean Michael Kerner looks at what the IPO means to DigitalOcean and its SMB customers.

8. Why Conductor Chose HashiCorp Nomad over Kubernetes for VFX

Running visual effects (VFX) rendering is among the most intensive compute tasks, but that is what Conductor Technologies’ cloud platform does – and does well, as evidenced by the big-name productions it has been used on, including Blade Runner 2049Game of Thrones and Stranger Things. This case study examines how Conductor built out its platform to run special effects rendering jobs in the cloud without using Kubernetes.

9. 10th IBM Cloud Multi-Zone Region Opens – with More in the Works

IBM continued to grow its cloud operations in 2021, with even more Multi-Zone Regions planned for the near future. This article explores how IBM is differentiating itself from its rivals by adding more MZRs and the role quantum computing will play in the future with IBM Cloud.

10. Why Tier 2 Cloud Providers Could Be Your No. 1 Choice

The Big 3 public cloud providers may be showing no signs of slowing down, but they are coming under increasing pressure from tier 2 cloud vendors – platforms like IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud and others. Find out why the future is bright for tier 2 cloud providers and why you should consider one over a Big 3 cloud.

What was the most important lesson you learned about cloud computing in 2021? Tell us in the comments below!

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