Cisco Brings Enterprise Tablet To Verizon LTE Network

Cisco Brings Enterprise Tablet To Verizon LTE Network

Verizon’s LTE roll-out will have an enterprise component as well.

Cisco today said it will add LTE support to its Cius tablet, an enterprise-focused device that will take advantage of the higher speeds and lower latencies of Verizon’s new network to support its real-time collaboration applications.

Connected Planet has the details on how the two will mesh:

The Cius is similar to other tablets in the market in that its runs the Android 2.2 operating system, uses a touch screen interface and supports a bevy of consumer apps. But Cisco has also tailored the device for enterprise use, bumping up its security and VPN capabilities and allowing IT managers to closely manage software on the device. Cisco has also taken its suite of business software and optimized them for the platform. With LTE support, some of those applications now have the opportunity to shine, especially real-time collaboration apps like Webex.

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