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Check out updates to Tool Time favorite FineBuild

Recall back in January 2011, that I profiled the cool tool, FineBuild for SQL Server, which helps you configure and quickly deploy installations of SQL Server.  Not only does FineBuild help you install a new SQL Server using the settings and configuration options you desire, it goes a few steps further by ensuring that any additional programs, tools, and utilities are also installed.

Ed Vassie, the creator of FineBuild, has revised and improved the tools since I last wrote about it.  Ed has naturally added a number of bug fixes and documentation improvements. Several new features are also included with the v3.0.x release of FineBuild, such as support for clustering on SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2008 R2 and 2012 (code-named "Denali").  FineBuild now supports Data Quality Services installation, a feature new with the release of SQL Server 2012.

Be sure to check out the latest release at



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