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Top No-Pain Perks You Can Use to Retain IT Staff

A handful of painless incentives can help minimize team turnover and production disruption.

A record-setting 4.5 million Americans quit their jobs in March, according to data released in early May by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

During a time of record staff turnover, IT leaders are pulling out all the stops in an effort to keep their teams as intact and productive as possible.

While salary increases remain a highly effective retention tool, a growing number of employers are sweetening the pot with inexpensive perks that are designed to reinforce team satisfaction and loyalty.

Non-traditional perks have been used with some success for retaining IT talent, observes Geoff Hopkins, a principal with tax and audit consulting firm RSM. “The challenge,” he notes, “is identifying and establishing these perks to suit your IT organization.”

Free and Flexible

Flexible working hours and remote work are crucial perks, says Dawn Duench, people and culture manager at digital workplace technology provider Igloo Software. “Almost all of Igloo Software’s new hires want flexible work, especially IT staff members,” she says. “The candidates we interview ask about our stance on flexible work during the recruitment process.”

Working remotely or using a hybrid model is increasingly viewed by IT leaders and hiring managers as an effective way to keep employees satisfied. “Reducing commute times, transit expenses, and gas costs, while enabling employees to spend more time with family, allowing them to live where they want … will eventually lead to increased productivity and dedication,” says Daniel Nir, human resources manager at workflow automation software developer Mirato.

IT is frequently a high-pressure job, “Allowing [staff] to choose the hours that work best for them shows that we acknowledge this [fact] and appreciate all they do to help us get closer to our goals,” says Zoë Morris, president of technology staff recruitment firm Frank Recruitment Group.

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