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IT Acronyms: A Cheat Sheet for IT Pros

This free cheat sheet not only lists the most important acronyms IT pros need to know, but it also provides a definition of each.

Working in the IT industry today can feel like drowning in alphabet soup. You can't become an IT pro until you've mastered a litany of acronyms, abbreviations, and flashy buzzwords that commonly feature in discussions of modern technology.

Some of those industry acronyms — like IT or AI (short for information technology and artificial intelligence) — are straightforward enough. Others — such as DaaS (which could be short for either desktop as a service or database as a service, depending on the context) — stand for terms that may not be so obvious. And in some cases, the jumbles of letters you encounter — such as DX or o11y (which stand for digital transformation and observability) — aren't even exactly acronyms, which makes their meaning even more challenging to piece together for the uninitiated.

That's why we've prepared this IT acronyms cheat sheet — to help IT practitioners sort through the reams of acronyms, portmanteaus, and other tricky terms they have to understand to do their jobs effectively. You won't find every possible IT-related acronym; that would make the guide unreasonably long. But you will find the most important terms for IT pros to know in today's industry based on current trends and dominant technologies.

Take advantage of this free download!

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