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Why is Email Delivery So Important Anyway?

Why is Email Delivery So Important Anyway?


We have had plenty of discussions about email deliverability and how to optimize it and ensure that business emails are reaching their targets. But why is it so important in the first place?

Despite what many may think, email just may be the most important content delivery tool in a company’s arsenal, even when compared to “trendier” social media marketing. Here’s why.

Email allows for more open and discrete expression

A recent study has found that social media is discouraging users from stating their opinions. People often refrain from liking, sharing, and commenting on topics, services, and products that they don’t want everyone on their friend list seeing. This makes social media a much less viable platform than email when it comes to understanding consumer preferences and personalizing content. With a greater sense of privacy in the inbox, people are less fearful of opening up and commenting. This means that high email deliverability can lead to much more valuable insight about customer’s true opinions.

Email is extremely cost-effective.

According to a study done by the Direct Marketing Association, email has an ROI that reaches around 4,300%. A majority of marketers believe email is the ultimate ROI-producing activity.

With today’s tools and applications for monitoring email and improving its effectiveness, email itself has the potential to create huge amounts of revenue for relatively little upfront cost.

Email provides a personalized line of communication.

Segmenting your email list and tailoring your content is one of the best ways to convert a lead into a customer. Using open rates and deliverability statistics, companies can craft specific emails targeted to smaller segments of their subscribers.

The result is a much more personalized email that a reader can feel more connected to. Since they are receiving more of what they opened before, the emails are relevant to their interests.


Delivery is important to maximize the effectiveness of email. Email is important because it is still arguably the most effective interaction with customers and followers of the brand. Maintaining an effective email campaign will always be hugely beneficial.


Jonathon Mahon is a content marketer, writer and designer based in Boston. He writes for various digital publications and blogs specializing in the cloudemail automation, software, and technology.

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