Who Will Be Attending HostingCon 2015?

Cloud and hosting industry people who have attended HostingCon in the past know about the broad range of experts and decision makers who will be there. For those who have not attended, it is fair to wonder: Is HostingCon Global 2015 for people like me? Who else is going?

Answers can be derived (in some extent) from the HostingCon “Who Attends HostingCon” page.

65 percent of attendees are executive management. Digging a little deeper, 29 percent are CEO/owner/founders, and 24 percent are senior management like CFOs, CIOs, CTOs and COOs. As key IT decision making moves up the corporate ladder, as a recent Microsoft study on cloud adoption indicates, these executives should plan to be at HostingCon.

The complete list of companies that attended HostingCon 2014 is interesting, and handy for quick searches if you’re wondering if a certain company will be there, or how well a certain segment will be represented. The list of job titles is endless and serves mostly to illustrate a simple fact: there will be someone there for every position in the information technology business.

The eighty or so different titles of company vice presidents is a funny comment on the business world, but should also be understood to show that HostingCon is a must-attend event for not just hosting and cloud executives, but most IT management.

There were attendees from 46 countries at HostingCon 2014, including the US. That was up by around 15 percent from 2013, and HostingCon Global 2015 is on pace to be the most international event yet. The presence from fast growing markets like China will grow, and as emerging markets come online more attendees representing international growth opportunities are expected at HostingCon.

Throughout 2015, the industry will change in ways that are not necessarily predictable. Those changes might be a little less surprising, however, for HostingCon attendees. One of 2014’s big M&A deals was the acquisition of Arvixe by EIG, which took place shortly after both attended HostingCon.

With this information we can directly answer the questions above. If you are an expert or decision maker in IT, or especially in any business relating to web hosting or cloud computing, you can’t afford to miss HostingCon Global 2015. Discover what’s possible by registering now, while the early bird rates still apply!

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