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Welcome to the IdeaXchange Community

Welcome to the IdeaXchange Community



IdeaXchange is a community devoted to sharing and expanding expertise and knowledge across Windows technology market. It’s a showcase of compelling commentary, full of fresh ideas and strong opinions, focused on expanding industry thinking on a daily basis. From detailed analysis of today’s best practices to new perspectives that challenge popular opinion, we have built a place that encourages you to uncover new information and engage with others.


At the center of IdeaXchange are industry thought leaders who initiate engaging conversations and lend their unique insights and perspectives. Xperts, as we call them, bring provocative issues to the forefront and help uncover the opportunities buried in business challenges. You can follow your favorite contributors and discover new thought leaders.

What Do I Do?

Now that you’ve arrived, be inspired, stay informed, and join in the discussion. Tap into the community’s collective knowledge bank to bounce ideas around or just let us know what you think.

Step 1. Register

Simple registration is your entry into the conversation. Once you are registered you can begin commenting.

Step 2. Create your Profile

Add your bio, upload a photo, and customize your personal experience.

Step 3. Join In
Be inspired, share your comments, express your views, and add your expertise. Ask for input from your peers and IdeaXchange Xperts. Tweet, like, and share topics that are important to you. Establish your own thought leadership and build upon the wisdom of the crowd.

IdeaXchange FAQs

How do I...

Navigate to IdeaXchange?

Bookmark this page! Or simply type into your browser.

If I’m already a registered user of, do I need to register for IdeaXchange?

No. If you are registered, all you need to do is log in to follow or add comments on  IdeaXchange. Your login information and profile page are the same for and

Follow an Xpert? 

Simply click on the author’s picture or name. You’ll arrive at the Author Bio page where you’ll see a “Follow” button. Click “Follow,” and the Xpert’s article feed will be added to your profile page.

Connect with an Xpert? 

Under the Xpert’s name and title, you will see an envelope icon. Click the envelope to send a personal message directly to the Xpert.

View all posts by Xpert? 

Click into the Author Bio page to see all content posted by that Xpert.

Add my comments to an article?

A comment box appears at the bottom of each article. You will need to be logged in to post your comment. Simply add your comment in the box and click “Submit Comment.”

When will I see my comment?

All comment submissions are queued for moderation by site administrators and will be published after approval.

Who else can see my comments? 

Once your comment is published, it is visible to the community.

What if I want to edit my comment? 

Once your comment has been published, you can click on “Edit” to change it and click Submit again.

Can I reply to another user’s comments?

Yes. Next to each comment, you’ll see a link to “Reply.” Click that link to reply to another user’s comment, or add a brand new comment to the article.


Have you got what it takes to be an Xpert? We want to hear from you!

Email: [email protected]


Do you have any questions or thoughts about IdeaXchange? What types of contributors would you like to see? What types of new features? Please share your opinion in the comments below!


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