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Vulnerability Management for Dummies Ali Kerem Yücel/iStock/Thinkstock

Vulnerability Management for Dummies

Businesses use the Internet as a vital global resource for huge benefits in linking workers, suppliers and customers. However, connecting with the global Internet exposes your company network to many threats. Savvy criminals can use the Internet to break into your network, sneak malware onto your computers, extract proprietary information and abuse your IT resources. New computers joining the Internet get probed by attackers within an hour of connection and if left unprotected fall victim to attacks within 24 hours.

You can prevent most of these attacks by using a vulnerability management (VM) program. VM enables you to continuously monitor your network infrastructure, and by using a VM program you can stay several steps ahead of the attackers and protect your business resources.

This 87-page eBook  simply explains what you can do to automatically manage vulnerabilities and how to select the right tools to keep your network safe from attack.

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