Unlock Insights and Reduce Costs by Modernizing Your Data Warehouse on AWS

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Processing the volume and variety of data that today’s organizations produce can be both challenging and costly – especially with a legacy data warehouse. Combining the scale and performance of the cloud with AWS and APN Partner solutions for migration, integration, analysis, and visualization can help overcome these obstacles. With a modern data warehouse architecture, organizations can store, process, and analyze massive volumes of data of virtually any type. Register for this upcoming webinar, where Pearson - an education and media conglomerate - will share in detail how they built a scalable and flexible business intelligence platform on the cloud, with Tableau and AWS.

Learn how you can seamlessly load and transform data in Amazon Redshift with Matillion ETL and analyze it with Tableau. Hear how 47Lining and NorthBay can provide insights to guide you through migration with ease. Tableau will discuss best practices to analyze your data on AWS and share new insights throughout your organization.

Click here to register and learn more about this webinar!

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