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IT Innovators
Taking the Plunge with Containers, Hybrid Cloud and Virtual Reality

Taking the Plunge with Containers, Hybrid Cloud and Virtual Reality

Change can be scary. But these IT innovators helped their organizations find success with cutting edge technology. 

Bunchball, a company that offers gamification as a service to help drive engagement, customer loyalty and more for organizations like Applebee’s, Salesforce and Ford Canada, recently decided to transform its infrastructure from a manually configured platform to an auto-scaling, all-container solution. Read how the experiment turned out.

ViaSat is a provider of satellite broadband and wireless services, infrastructure and technology that securely connects consumers, businesses, governments, and the military to the internet anywhere in the world. To meet customers’ connectivity needs of today and tomorrow, the company turned to the hybrid cloud. Here’s what happened next.

Virtual reality may seem like the stuff of science fiction, but it’s increasingly reality--and being used in new ways, including in education. And that means institutional IT departments need to begin thinking about how to integrate it, and other new technologies, into their operations, says Emory Craig, director of e-learning and instructional technology at College of New Rochelle in New York. See what he has to say about innovation in the classroom.

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