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Sponsored Post: A New Game-Changing Way to Deliver Your Converged Infrastructure

Sponsored Post: A New Game-Changing Way to Deliver Your Converged Infrastructure

An introduction to HPE's CA700.

I talk to customers and partners all the time. I hear about how they want their infrastructure tuned to their business and how they want it delivered faster, more efficiently and cheaper. I hear customers explain how much or how little they actually want -- or need -- to be involved in the detailed design and roll-out of the infrastructure (“Only as much as absolutely needed, please!”). One thing I’m told over and over again is that building-out and managing infrastructure is super labor intensive and loaded with all kinds of risks and errors. Just consider the consequences of making one change that includes an incorrect instruction and then replicating that error across thousands of servers… yikes!

To address all of these concerns, HPE has been working on a ton of capabilities that are going to free you up from infrastructure design and management responsibilities and allow you to function like a true service provider. One of these capabilities, announced in San Francisco at #VMWorld 2015, is the HPE Converged Architecture 700 (CA700), a game-changing new way to deliver and manage your converged infrastructure.

The HPE Converged Architecture 700 is a flexible reference architecture that we’ve validated and tested in our labs, benchmarked and optimized, making 100% sure that of all the components work together like a symphony orchestra. It provides configuration sizing, a bill of materials and all the deployment details that reduce your risk. It is infrastructure that is built by your choice of channel partner and it has extended life cycle support options tailored to fit your specific business needs. It’s based around our full HPE stack of HPE BladeSystem powered by Intel®, HPE 3PAR storage, HPE Networking and HPE OneView infrastructure management software all of which can be easily adjusted to fit within whatever existing storage and networking requirements you already have.  

But I hear you say, “I’ve already got a bunch of those types of components in house already, don’t make me swap everything out.” We hear you; with the CA700 flexible reference architecture, you can hold on to the investment you already have and supplement with new equipment only as needed. It works with the tools you already use, supporting multi-generational HPE ProLiant blade servers, including ProLiant Gen9. Plus, if you’ve already got another 3rd-party network design you need to work within, this architecture has options for that too.

And, the HPE Converged Architecture 700 provides an easy upgrade path to HPE Helion CloudSystem. You can even deploy at your site with your trusted certified Channel Partner who can provide additional value add services tailored to your needs.

We understand that you’ve already made significant investments in your data centers and need open, integrated, proven converged architecture that protects your investments and provides flexibility as you grow. The HPE Converged Architecture 700 is all about that, a converged infrastructure delivered in a new and exciting way.

This is a sponsored post that was shared by Hewlett Packard Enterprise.



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