Next-Gen Cloud Security Webinar

Is Your Business Impenetrable? It’s not a matter of if a breach will happen, but when.

Start Date: 10/17/2017
Start Time: 11:00 AM PDT
Duration: 60 MINUTES

Cyber-attacks come from all directions, with 99% of East-West data center threats originating from legitimate apps or riskware1. Every workload is vulnerable, no matter how strong the perimeter. Without the right security, once the data center is penetrated, it’s game over.

62% of attacks target small to mid-sized businesses.
2 data centers per day experience successful attacks.2
80% of data center traffic is running without protection.3
Join phoenixNAP, VMware, and Intel at our upcoming event to get battle-ready, as our experts demonstrate how you can:

  1. Get the freedom to put your workloads in the cloud.
  2. Adopt “Zero Trust” security and compliance.
  3. Justify simple, secure, and cost-effective cloud security.
  4. Gain performance benefits using VMware NSX technology and Intel Xeon Scalable processors (on phoenixNAP's cloud platform)


William Bell, Phoenix NAP, Experienced IT Services Executive - Cloud Hosting Evangelist

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