Mircosoft's Channel 9 New Site Layout in Preview

Mircosoft's Channel 9 New Site Layout in Preview

It would seem that several departments at Microsoft are in the mood for overhauling their web portals.

Earlier today we shared news about the recently renovated Windows IT Center that replaced the former Windows TechCenter and now Microsoft's Channel 9 has unveiled their efforts to release a new responsive layout design of the Channel 9 website.

If you are not familiar with the mission of Channel 9 they are the video repository for Microsoft and all of the companies engineers, program managers and others at the company uses it to share their insight and knowledge with customers.

Apparently this has been a work in progress for sometime now:

"We have taken a lot of time to think through the inclusive user experience, who we are, and why we do what we do, and incorporated all of that into our new design.  The goal is to provide visitors and contributors up-to-date content, with clear, accessible, responsive, consistent, and attractive user interface.  We have fixed numerous problems with the old, non-accessible, and non-responsive homepage.  This work is still in progress and we will be improving the experience in the upcoming months.  If a feature is missing, it doesn't mean it has been cut. Hang tight, we are working on it! "

The site provides quick access through videos using several categories on the main page:

  • Fresh Content
  • Most Viewed
  • Top Rated
  • Events

Of course, there are plenty of filters and search capabilities to narrow down your research even further.

Check out these side by side comparisons of the desktop and mobile layouts compared to the current versions of the sites.

Current Channel 9 Layout

Current Channel 9 Desktop Layout

Channel 9 Preview Layout

Channel 9 Preview Desktop Layout

Channel 9 Mobile Layout

Channel 9 Current Layout on Mobile

Channel 9 Preview Layout Mobile

Channel 9 Preview Layout on Mobile

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