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Minimize Active Directory Dependency as You Move to the Cloud

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Microsoft's Active Directory (AD) has been a cornerstone for authentication in enterprise-grade systems for years—responsible for features such as SSO and storing sensitive login data. As organizations shift from legacy on-prem infrastructure to SaaS apps, they find AD hinders the speed, efficiency and results of their modernization initiatives.

However, there are still hard-to-replace AD dependencies which is why you need a modern identity and access solution that eliminates the roadblocks AD creates in your hybrid IT environment and easily scales as your cloud adoption grows.

Join this webinar to hear:

  • the common patterns organizations face in their journey from on-prem to the cloud,
  • why it's hard to modernize to the cloud with Active Directory, and
  • how Okta can reduce the complexity by achieving a smaller and simpler AD footprint and seamlessly integrate your on-prem and cloud applications.

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Marcus-Hartwig-Okta.jpg Marcus Hartwig, Product Marketing Manager, Okta

Marcus has been active in the areas of IAM, PKI and Enterprise Security for more than 15 years. His past experience include both co-funding a company in professional services as well as managing a product company—a combination that has left him passionate about all parts of product design and delivery. Marcus is putting this skill and passion to work at Okta in Product Marketing.

Sai-Maddali-Okta.jpgSai Maddali, Product Manager, Okta

Sai is a product manager on Okta’s directories team where he helps build the platform for customers to connect to Okta from various sources. He came to Okta from Stormpath where he worked as an engineer on developer success, and helped onboard developers to Stormpath’s API and SDKs. Sai has a BS in Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech and is passionate about all things identity and user experience.