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Microsoft Migrates Windows 10 Technical Documentation to their new Docs Portal

Microsoft Migrates Windows 10 Technical Documentation to their new Docs Portal

In their continued efforts to modernize the sheer amount of data Microsoft has for their products and services Microsoft is slowly migrating content from their TechNet Library to a new Docs portal located at

Since the TechNet Library was built for a very different era of devices, which at that time did not include a lot of tablets or mobile handsets, it was never created to adapt its content to those different screen sizes.

Microsoft's Docs site is the new home for Microsoft's vast amounts of technical content and this week the company confirmed that all Windows 10 related content is now over on Docs.

Since Docs has been built using a responsive design, that means the content adapts to any sized screen plus they have enhanced the navigation, search, and filtering capabilities.

According to Nathan Spencer, you will now find the following Windows 10 related content on Docs:

-- Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile

-- Microsoft Edge (and Internet Explorer 11)

-- Windows Store for Business

-- Windows for Education

-- Surface, Surface Hub, and HoloLens

-- Windows Server 2016

In addition to this Windows 10 content you will also find content on:

-- Windows
-- Microsoft Azure
-- Visual Studio
-- Office
-- .NET
-- Dynamics 365
-- Enterprise Mobility + Security
-- Nuget
-- SQL
-- Xamarin


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