Microsoft Ignite: Windows Defender Application Guard Coming to Windows Insiders for Testing

Microsoft Ignite: Windows Defender Application Guard Coming to Windows Insiders for Testing

One of the new features/services announced during today's morning keynote at Microsoft Ignite is called Windows Defender Application Guard.

It will be available on Windows 10 beginning sometime in 2017 but in the mean time it will begin testing with members of the Windows Insiders program in the coming weeks.

Windows Defender Application Guard uses virtualization technology to open any links clicked on through the web or email in a sand boxed environment on the hardware level to keep malicious code from propagating across the users network and devices.

This feature will become part of Microsoft Edge so no new tools or services will need to be deployed by admins but in the Enterprise environment they will still maintain control over listing sites that are trusted sites to visit and browse.

This is another step in Microsoft continuing to make Windows 10 one of the most secure operating systems ever. Each one of us can be the most conscientious user but the reality is that sometimes an item will get past us or other filters and we will click on that link.

Windows Defender Application Guard wll keep that inadvertent, or sometimes intentional click, from having a detrimental impact on systems and networks.

This feature is dependent on the hardware supporting virtualization to create the fenced in browsing session. While many new devices do support this, some of the middle age systems out there may not. This may also be why Microsoft has made the recent effort to clarify their silicon support policy for Windows 10 to make sure that virtualization support is there for features like Windows Defender Application Guard.

As I mentioned earlier, Windows Insiders will be the next line of testing this new feature on a large scale basis through new builds of Windows 10 in the Redstone 2 development branch.

So it appears we have one more of the new features that will be in the third major update to Windows 10 expected in early 2017.

I suspect we will hear about others this week as well.

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