Microsoft Ignite: Hanging Out in the Ignite Hang Out


Microsoft Ignite is a very big conference.

This year in Atlanta there are 23,000 people attending the week long event to hear about the latest updates to the Microsoft ecosystem.

The logistics of managing this many people to and from session rooms can be a challenge but for this year's event Microsoft has come up with a creative alternative for some attendees to catch select sessions.

The space is called the Microsoft Ignite Hang Out and not only provides an option for watching these sessions but it also has plenty of space for attendees to get together to network or to simply catch up on email between sessions.

If you are planning to listen to a session then you just go to the counter and they will give you a receiver device for the audio and you use your own headphones or they will give you a pair to use and keep. Each session is broadcast on a very large screen at the front of the space and each have a channel that you tune into on the receiver.

There is seating that ranges from hi-top tables; picnic tables, cushioned chairs and even bean bags!

Apparently this was an issue last year in Chicago with limited space for attendees to connect in the conference venue so it seems the Hang Out at this years conference is intended to directly address that from last year.

As you will see in this gallery - a lot of folks take advantage of the space and logistically it is very close to where meals are served and the Expo Show.



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